How Long Do We Tolerate Being Tolerant?

Tolerance. It’s a nice word isn’t it? And for as long as I can remember people have liked the idea of tolerance because it sounds so palatable. You know, ‘live and let live’ and all that stuff. It’s become the acceptable way of life and it’s a mindset that sells well in this strict politically correct world because it seems so inclusive and sounds so accepting. Everyone wants to be tolerant of everyone else because apparently, the worst thing you can ever be nowadays is intolerant or judgmental.Thus what we have landed ourselves with, from politicians to intellectuals, to actors and rock stars is everybody lovingly all dropping the tolerance bomb on anyone who has anything challenging to say, especially on those of us who voice opposition, amongst other things, to unregulated immigration or the continued inward colonization from foreign migrants who are not here to integrate but to avail of the most generous benefits system in the western world.

But you’re not allowed to say this because it’s so intolerant. Honestly, it seems that we would rather let a drug addict inject himself to death rather than tell him he has a problem. And such is the level of tolerance in relation to the rhetoric of intolerance and hatred spouted in our direction by Islam that we’ve become almost indifferent to it. And indifference, my friends, is actually worse than intolerance and much more dangerous. Radical Islam of course has flourished in this sea of tolerance and probably cannot believe its luck. Right now I’m not interested in what the stats are, but suffice to say that hundreds of innocent citizens across the world have and continue to be, murdered in its name. From schoolchildren, to officer workers, cinema goers to gays and lesbians and whatever you’re having yourself. All killed in the name of a twisted backward religion at the very heart of which lays intolerance. Intolerance of other religions. Intolerance of freedom. Intolerance of women. Intolerance of gays. Intolerance of free speech. Intolerance of culture and humour and on and on it goes. Yet not so intolerant apparently of state benefits, free housing, taxpayers money as grants to build mosques, special dispensations based on religion while planning how best to bring about further Islamic colonisation and the introduction of Sharia Law to bring us all back to good ole’ Middle-Ages

Yet as these atrocities go on the leaders of the, almost still, free world wring their hands and trot out the same tired cliché’s about Islam being a great religion, and that it’s only a few extremist nut-jobs who have perverted the teachings of the Koran blah de blah, while failing to point out the thousands of quiet Islamic cheerleaders in the background who sell themselves as moderates but tacitly approve of these murderous actions. Indeed didn’t the father of Omar Mateen release a video saying that all homosexuals should be punished just hours after his son slaughtered forty-nine innocent victims in the ‘Pulse’ nightclub in Orlando? And believe me there are so many more like him.

Of course there are progressive Muslims who are more tolerant but they are not speaking out loudly enough to condemn the terrible murders and despicable actions that are being carried out in their religion’s name. So instead it falls to our spineless politicians who drone on about embracing Islam while it shoots up the place. ‘Islam isn’t the enemy here’ they regurgitate ad-nauseam after yet more Islamic inspired carnage. Well here’s the thing. Islam is the enemy. And it’s getting stronger, more organised and radicalising more and more of our home grown teenagers while we smile at it like one of those owners of a vicious Rottweiler, who swears blind that they’re lovely dog is great with the children and who wouldn’t hurt a fly days before it grabs the throat of the newborn baby and tears it to shreds. Of course it’s all too late by them.

So with alarming regularity innocent people are being killed in the name of Islam and because we have become paralysed by tolerance we get the pathetic, now de-riguer, sight of people holding hands, and saying prayers, signing pointless books of condolence whilst their thoughts go out to the families of the victims. At this stage the entire charade plays out like a stuck gramophone record because the one thing that all of us and our so-called leaders have in common is an outright refusal to confront the prophet in the room.

Islam is a religion of hate. And it hates all of the aforementioned. And it’s this intolerance that is tolerated by western leaders through its constant pandering to it and its refusal to find a solution. President Obama has not proved himself to be one of the better Presidents in US political history but as the so-called leader of the Western world he has not once addressed the role of the Islamic religion in whose name many of his fellow citizens have been murdered. What we get instead are the usual platitudes of tolerance while refusing to pledge a solution to the mess which this bleeding-heart tolerance has created for everyone.

Donald Trump talks a lot of nonsense but, as uncomfortable and as un-politically correct as some of his rhetoric is, at least he’s raising some unpalatable truths which need to be said. At this moment tolerance is threatening to become little more than a universal turning of a blind eye.


15th June 2016.