Does your heart sink when you switch on the evening news and watch Clinton and Trump? The two clowns that have emerged from the American political circus who are slugging it out to become the next President of America? Do you find yourself asking: is this really what it’s boiled down to? If so then you’re almost certainly not alone.

The eventual winner of this pantomime will be the one who manages to climb out of the gutter first. Such is the deplorable and asinine nature of this electoral campaign that its tone has now become lower than a pair of whore’s knickers. It’s particularly sad because the President of the United States is by extension the leader of the free world. And when you begin to consider the terrible prospect of either Clinton or Trump taking on this mantle, it makes you yearn for the good old days of English colonial rule!

But what saddens me even more is the complete failure of the media to concentrate on any of the pertinent issues on which any election must be surely based?  There has been much talk recently about political conspiracies. But in fact, if there is any conspiracy going on in this election at all, then this is it. A conspiracy of silence in regard to answering the many questions that American voters have in relation to unemployment, health care, housing, and living standards. They have received no answers to these issues whatsoever. Instead, the press and media are hooked, like a bar room drunk, on salacious and the endless titillation, sleaze and the sexual shenanigans of the past as if any of it was in anyway relevant to an ability to do the job.

Anyway let’s get one thing clear shall we? As a career politician, Clinton has far more questions to answer in relation to her past conduct than Trump. But Trump and his advisers have been more than happy to trade cheap insults rather than putting together a carefully constructed dismantling of Clinton’s dodgy past political dealings. This woman has been ever present in or around the White House for the past three decades and just what has she ever done?

          While the Democrats miraculously manage to find one woman per day who will swear that Trump sexually assaulted her, without her providing any evidence whatsoever, Trump can only issue denial after denial. But he should take a leaf from Clinton’s book here. When she goes lower he should go higher. There has been no questions raised at all in relation to the fact that in 2012 the Qatar Government gave Bill Clinton $1,000,000 as a birthday gift. At the time, Hilary Clinton was the Secretary of State! Now I’m not suggesting that this extremely generous present to dirty ‘Ole’ Bill was in anyway shape or form given as a means to influence foreign policy, but is anybody asking the obvious question??? Actually, and again the irony can only make you smile, Fox News mentioned it but it has since weathered on the vine like a Barack Obama policy initiative.

          Outraged faux moral indignation has long since replaced serious political discourse. And it’s just not in the US where this has happened. Here in England, we witness holier than thou newspapers like the Guardian who have no trouble in publishing rave reviews for the latest hip-hop release where some ‘nigga’ sings about his hoes and slapping up his bitches and that it’s a must have record, But let it get wind of an eleven year old tapped recording of a man engaging in the sort of casual sexist conversation that would have been de-riguer for men of that particular generation, and suddenly moral indignation doesn’t begin to explain the irony.

          Meanwhile, this excuse for a meaningful political campaign drags on. And yet the American voters deserve so much more because from where I’m sitting they are all standing under a fountain of mis-information, unsubstantiated allegations, and with no idea as to what the future holds for themselves or the families once one of these clowns has to remove their make-up!


16th October 2016.