So there you have it. Donald has finally Trumped the establishment . ‘Brexit, plus, plus’ the great man even predicted it himself. A landslide when you come to think of it considering he has no political experience whatsoever. So now America’s elites, you know the usual rag bag of ‘we know better than you’ people in the media, the press, academia, big business and those hordes of largely in it for themselves politicians who wouldn’t know the inside of a dole office if they woke up in one, have been shown just how far they are removed from ordinary people.

Even as I write this, there are voices coming from an RTE Ireland, radio programme still asking its guests if there are any silver linings to this election result! Still in denial and still aiming throw away insults in the new US President’s direction. This is easy of course because that’s how it’s been since the campaign began with only passing references and little serious debate about Hilary Clinton’s suitability for high office, her  shady past, her multi-million dollar foundation, run by her….daughter, her disgraceful behaviour over Benghazi ,or even the simple fact that she even lied about writing her own autobiography!

Instead of reflecting on how discredited policies continue to ruin the lives of working people, the focus is instead on the racist businessman and his sexual shenanigans as, on a daily basis, a newly Clinton camp inspired victim of Trump’s sexual advances, was wheeled out. Let’s see how far they take these accusations now that Clinton has lost.

          And so to the question on everybody’s lips. Or shouldn’t the question be, on the lips of those who can’t see the wood for trees?  Is how’d it come to this? What these people, and those mirror images who thought they knew what was best for the British people during Brexit, have failed, and continue to fail to appreciate, is the disconnect of the interminable, routine  see-saw politics involving establishment players who promise everything and yet, more often than not deliver nothing. Trump’s perceived ‘outsider status’ ,peculiar given that the amount of cash swilling around in the questionable ‘Clinton Foundation’ wouldn’t amount to lose change compared to his billions, is what people in many western democracies are continually looking towards. 

And yet what the world’s elite’s in general, and those in America in particular, refused to accept or were unable to comprehend, was that the more Trump was dismissed as a sexual predatory racist, because they simply couldn’t put forward a coherent alternative view of society on the issues of immigration, national security, jobs, housing or healthcare, the less they were inclined to listen to other reasoned arguments. And it is precisely this superior smug, dismissive attitude towards the concerns of the average American worker, millions of whom face a daily struggle just for survival, which allowed Trump to ride across the finish line as the victor.

But here’s the thing: Brexit and Trump have set a new benchmark for the mobilisation of the disillusioned. Those millions of us voters, who are routinely told how our country will be made great again, that everybody needs to pull together, share the pain  and who have to face the very same barrage of empty bullshit promises at every election time. And then once in power, the new caring government’s first budget or fiscal adjustment ensures that those of us with the least, lose the most. While at the top table its champagne and cigars all round with over-inflated salary increases, gold plated pensions, cronyism and golden handshakes for basically screwing the very people who voted for them!

And it’s the same year on year in almost every western nation. But people have suddenly realised the power they have and that they no longer need to tolerate unworthy politicians, many of whom have no idea of which economic policies will get the unemployed back to work, but who soon find their way around an expenses claim form, seek out arrangements for lucrative speaking engagements, and hold out their greasy palms for huge political donations which, as well all know, are little more than legal bribes.

In my view, Trump is actually a better Presidential prospect than Clinton and he has the business scars to prove it. Moreover, it could be argued that his ill-advised comments, as bad and as indefensible as they were, actually shows nothing more than his honesty. But whatever you think of him, Trump ain’t in it for the money. And only time will tell of course, but if he achieves nothing else Trump would have at least grabbed the political establishment by the bollocks which can only be a good thing. Because just maybe by doing so, it won’t be the same hard working class citizens of America who’ll be feeling the squeeze. 


9th November 2016.